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This is The Last Hope's forum; a place where we contact one another and a place for other clans to contact us ! If you would like to join us or want to make any arrangements with us, you shall need to register first.
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 Need assistance ?

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PostSubject: Need assistance ?   Need assistance ? I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 05, 2011 9:32 am

Need help?

If you clicked this, then you’re probably new to the forums and do not know what to do. Well the first and most obvious thing is to ask yourself what you want from us? A clanwar or maybe you decided that you want to join us. For whatever reason, you will need to register first; to do this click here. Follow the steps for creating your account and remember to check your email to verify it !

After you have registered, you will be entitled to post and reply to a specific type of forums for guests and people such as yourselves.
If you do not know where to find the reply button, it is located in the top left of all posts ! (it says Post Reply)

Want help with writing your application/clanwar thread?
If you want specific help for writing threads for certain things (these include: an application or a clanwar thread) please click here for the detailed explanation which will go through in detail.

Other things (which are not included above)
If you really like our clan and would like to join in on our discussions but you can not join the clan for any particular reason you can be given the right to do so by asking any of the following people: Blue
These people are the leaders of the clan and will judge on whether you can have the privilege of gaining the ‘Forum Rank’ which will allow you to write in our forums.
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Need assistance ?
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